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At this time my website is limited to introducing you to my new book, A Voyage of Light. This book is a culmination of my forty-two years of photographic work.

My interest in fine art black and white photography began after the first of three workshops with Ansel Adams in 1974. To be able to be with Mr. Adams along with other great masters such as Brett Weston and Morely Baer was inspiration enough to continue my work for all these years.

I have not converted to digital and all work in the book is from either 4X5 or 2 1/4 X 2 3/4 film negatives.

The book has 88 pages with 65 illustrations. Limited to an edition of 500, hard bound, linen covered with dust jacket, 10 X 12. Text includes introduction, photographs, travel, zone system, equipment and darkroom. The price of my signed book is $39.95.

As they say on TV, but wait there is more. Included with the book is a sliver print, printed and signed by me of Ansel Adams. This print is about 5' X 7" printed on an 8" X 10" sheet of paper. This photo was taken at Ansel Adams home in Carmel, Ca. in 1976. I used a 35mm camera, no auto focus, exposure or flash.

I am sure you will enjoy this book and print as much as I enjoyed making it.

Black and White Magazine-Book Review:

It was at an Ansel Adams workshop in Yosemite in 1974 that William L. Thomas became a true photographer, beginning a life of worldwide travel and discovery--with light as his guide.In a most charming introduction Thomas recounts his time with Adams, Morley Baer and Brett Weston, and discusses Adams' philosophical as well as technical influence upon his work. These gorgeous images,which reveal Thomas as a truly remarkable printer, are stunning in their rich detail. Printed in a traditional darkroom, they literally radiate with the brilliance of light. Thomas found through his lens abstract forms in the shadows of rocks,or painted on walls, in architectural studies with graphic sensibility. Thomas' larger vistas and landscapes suggests the power of place--a wonderful legacy from Adams.

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